[NCLUG-ANNOUCE] Hacking Society Meetings, 2002-02-19

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Tue Feb 19 23:06:33 MST 2002

Evelyn Mitchell:

Created pychecker patch for python and cleaned up her home directory.
I also worked on running pychecker against the standard Python libraries.

Matthew Wilcox:

Cleaned out his keyboard.  Little pieces of his laptop all over the table.
Playing Trophy, this linux car game.  Worked on apache deb package
Released 2.4.18 release bits for Linux HP-PA release.

Dan Frazier:

Wrote man pages for syslinux debian package.

Matt Taggart:

Updated NCLUG web-page and announced the new mailing list.  Also played

Ines MM Silva:

Read some Zope documentation.

Sean Reifschneider:

Dorked with the Acccess Point for half an hour.  Tried to wrap his mind
aroud Zope, but ended up just getting frustrated that pages started
breaking in weird ways.  Still doesn't have a basic site for Hacking
Society up in Zope.  Did import a base HTML page from the current Hacking
Society into Zope.  Shared frustration with folks on #zope.

Keith Cereal:

Started re-write of Tulip driver to fix issues he was having on some
motherboard configuration.

Gabriel Somlo:

Got his X server to do 24-bit and got a boot disc initrd image so that he
could eventually get rid of MacOS.

Aaron Johnson (IRC):

Got Zope and PostgreSQL installed and talking to each other via psycopgda
on an OpenBSD 3.0 box as the first step of a project undertaken for
a friend.  (Debian's packages are *so* much nicer.)

Contemplated adding more error checking to and refactoring parts of a big
shell script I wrote which creates ext2 filesystem images and populates
them with the stuff you specify all without mounting the filesystem.
(Eliminates the need to be root as part of the builds at work.)
Then thought better of it.

Michael Lewis:

Going through the latest Zope book from New Riders, and is working on following
the "Tracker" package which is an example in the book.
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