Hacking Society at the Park

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Thu Jul 4 17:25:22 MDT 2002

Hacking Society today at the Fort Collins City Park.  We're pretty much
directly in front of the band-stand, a few hundred meters out.  This is at
the south east corner of the park, to the east of the lake.  We're right at
the south east corner of the orange fence they put up for sticking the
fire/EMS truck in (which isn't here yet).

If you park in the CSU lot at the north west corner of campus (by one of
the residences), a bus will take you to the park and bring you back after
the fireworks.  Pretty handy.  They're also doing the same thing from
somwhere down-town.  More information at:


So, I've got a few pictures to show where we're at:


The first is a picture from where we're at, the second is a picture from by
where the busses arrive, with a pointer where we're at.  Hope to see you
here.  It's usually a good time.

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