20020611 Hacking Society Meeting Minutes

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Tue Jun 11 23:11:57 MDT 2002

Dann Frazier:

I did some makefile hacking on systemimager & started writing my first
xchat plugin (the bdale autoduder - cause typing dude all the time gets
sooo tedious).

Matt Taggart:

Apt-get upgraded my laptop, closed a bug, read email, told stories.

Sean Reifschneider:

Set up Mailman to talk to SpamAssassin to check list messages thanks to
dannf's pointer to the patch.  Installed a new spamassassin on the
tummy.com community box.  Working on some enhancements to my clustered
CD burner control center.  It's fantastic, but there are still some minor
tweeks to make it more useful.

Eric Schwartz:

Hacked on SDLInvaders

Scott Kleihege:

Finally got around to configuring dhcpclient, email, worked on getting
network card to work in freebsd.

Gabriel Somlo:

Messed with function key kernel patch, learned about circular buffers.

Marcio Teixeira:

Mostly worked on a paper, played with klyx and latex.
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