NCLUG Hacking Society Meeting Minutes

Sean Reifschneider jafo at
Tue Jun 18 22:58:26 MDT 2002

Dann Frazier:

I worked on adding diff and rm support to mp3farm.

Matt Taggart:

Played with xbindkeys and started packaging the omnibook kernel module
for debian.

Sean Reifschneider:

Set up mailing lists for fostering dogs and cats for the Larimer County Humane
Society.  Fixed some problems with links to the hackingsociety web-site, based
on feedback from folks.  Added a few new links to the hackingsociety site.  Made
a Zope extension which verifies credit card numbers.

Brian Stanback:

Worked on setting up some type of road-worrier VPN for his laptop.
Finished up a spam assassin RPM for the Cobalt RAQ 3/4.  Played around with
Moon Buggy and cowsay.  Started to get the multimedia keys working on his

Scott Kleihege:

Problems with both hardware and software, so he played a part of the peanut
gallery.  Did check his e-mail though.  Wohoo!

Gabriel Somlo:

Tried to figure out about the kernel key-tables and read some literature when
he got tired of that.  Most of the time was spent reading literature.  ;-)

Keith Cereal

Played with the new version of Gnome MultiTerminal.  Told vacation stories,
his pilgramage to Bletchley Park.

Marcio Teixeira:

Playing around with his Orinoco card, but found he doesn't have kernel
modules for PCMCIA, so he'll need to rebuild the kernel.

Katerina Carothers:

Installing KRUD 7.3 on her laptop.  Seems like it's working.

Jake Berglund:

Getting usage stats from our SQL database and aggregating them into readable
fields for our meta-clients to show our sub-clients.

Robie Lusey:

Systematically destroyed a laptop.  Theoretically it can be rebuilt.  Apparently
it's name will be "frank"...

Mike Flynn:

Assisted in the destruction of the laptop, trying to get some basic knowledge.

Michael Lewis:

Putting together a contact manager for his wife and him to manage all their
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