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Joseph DiVerdi diverdi at
Sat Apr 3 13:11:28 MST 2004

James and other interested parties,

I managed to get over to Everyday Joe's last night (two folksy female singers - no Jazz whistle) and spoke with Tim Kuhlman, the Events Coordinator, about the possibility of the NCLUG's holding an Install Fest there.

Tim is quite familiar with the Fest concept and was very interested in the idea. Saturday during the day appears to be a preferred time and with standard business hours of 7am to 10pm there's plenty of time to fit in (not at 7am, please).

With the recent construction (related the the church which meets in the same space on Sundays) the electrical power outlet availability has filled in and a bunch of extension cords with power strips should do the trick. There is also a wireless access point tied to a minimum speed DSL account so access is available but might easily be overwhelmed without some rational use policy. An ethernet switch and some 10Base/T cable should take care of wired access. There are also a modestly sized screen and ceiling-mounted projector present.

There are plenty of available Saturdays in May (April also) so it's up to us.

I've sent this note to the entire list to ensure that every interested party is aware. Perhaps we should retreat off-list to carry on further discussions.

Best regards,
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