[NCLUG] Re: Judy SWIG Wrappers Available

Marcio Luis Teixeira marciot at holly.colostate.edu
Thu Aug 1 03:28:26 MDT 2002

On Wednesday 31 July 2002 11:40 pm, you wrote:

> Cool!  If you can, it would really help to post an announcement to:
>     news:comp.lang.python.announce

Would anyone on the NCLUG list want to do this? I think it would be best if 
someone other than myself, or the Judy developers, would try out wrappers and 
then write an impartial review about it to the newsgroup.

I would also like it if some Perl or Ruby person would volunteer to adapt the 
wrappers to those languages. It's ought to be very simple to do. It's just a 
matter of changing the makefile so it supports another target and maybe 
figuring out the correct path to the header files for that languages. The 
hardest is probably writing a demo program in those other languages (hard as 
in five minutes, since JudySort.py should be fairly easy to rewrite in Ruby 
or Perl :)


Marcio Luis Teixeira

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