[NCLUG] Konqueror bug? Times shows up as greek...

Evelyn Mitchell efm at tummy.com
Fri Aug 2 15:37:12 MDT 2002

* On 2002-08-02 21:25 marciot <marciot at holly.colostate.edu> wrote:
> I'm wondering if anyone ever had this problem: When viewing certain web
> pages with Konqueror (3.0.0-12, under RH 7.3), text shows up in greek.
> I have the particular problem all the time when reading the online
> Python docs. For example:
>    http://www.python.org/doc/current/ext/simpleExample.html

I'm running Konqueror 3.0.0-12 under KRUD 7.3 and do not see this problem.

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