[NCLUG] ISP suggestions

Michael Smith masmith at adams.net
Sat Aug 3 17:06:09 MDT 2002


>> Well, it will take a couple more days to be sure, but whenever I'm home
>> with my laptop, I use my parents' account, and for whatever reason, the
>> modem servers on the other end will drop off the face of the planet for
>> to 2 minutes at a time (i.e. a 1 second ping to the IP on the other end
>> the PPP connection stops), but then come back. The odd thing is that NONE
>> of the ICMP sequences are out of order or lost... they just come back
>> a time of... well... 120000 ms.
>FWIW, the FRII's ICG dynamic IP dialup ports were upgraded to V.92 8/1/02
>Frank Whiteley

This may be way off base, but is there a chance that the Modem On Hold (MOH)
feature set on the access servers is being triggered somehow?  On the Cisco
53xx's we've updated to support v.92 we have a 2 minute window for users to
accept an incoming call and place the data call on hold.  It works quite
well with the Zoom and USR modems we've tested with...but I've never
persoanlly gotten into the nitty-gritty of the strings that the vendor
software sends to activate the feature. A couple of our techs spent about 40
hours testing that it does in fact work and left it at that. In fact I don't
think the CSRs have had a single user call in to ask for help with MOH.
Most v.92 users are happier with the faster trainup (once they've gotten
drivers from their modem vendor that work as advertised...)


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