[NCLUG] ISP suggestions

John L. Bass jbass at dmsd.com
Sun Aug 4 02:05:13 MDT 2002

	Here's a real good one.  If you've moved a domain off Qwest to another host
	in the past 3-4 months, be sure to dig that domain at ns1.uswest.net and
	ns2.uswest.net.  Those DNS servers are not getting updated and are still
	showing erroneous A records months later.  Try getting Qwest support to fix
	that one.  Half of Qwest is still running on the uswest.net domain including
	a bunch of convoluted aliases that few seem able to fix.  Guess what bad MX
	records and relic aliases do to e-mail.  The Qwest DNS servers will show the
	right records, so expect their first response to be, "Our stuff is right,
	it's not our problem".

That's one case where feeding your local laywer might win the lotto. Deliberate
damage caused by directing your internet traffic to the bit bucket forms clear
economic damages and a form of restraint of trade. Good fodder for an PUC complaint
and a class action suit by not only the company holding the domain, but end users
of Qwest (including a number of corporate customers) who are having their internet
service specifically distrupted by refusal to properly release the primary service
of the domain.

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