[NCLUG] i don't give a toss about ISPs

Mike Loseke mike at verinet.com
Mon Aug 5 13:47:49 MDT 2002

Thus spake John L. Bass:
> Thus spake Evelyn Mitchell:
> 	It's rather interesting that the people who are arguing the hardest for
> 	off-topic discussions don't actually attend NCLUG meetings.
> That is a two edged sword - it's been a long time since there has been a meeting
> topic that was worth my driving 45min each way and spending a night away from
> my family.  Programming web sites, and the script/database tools used to do
> so isn't a big attractor for at least me, nor are very basic talks on technical
> subjects mastered years ago.
> This attitude really smacks more senior technical people who are short on time
> really hard - like there really isn't any place worth ones time in trying to
> participate at some level in NCLUG.

 And that attitude really smacks those folks who haven't mastered *any*
techniques and are just trying to learn as they go. It's always been an
"anyone can play" rule-of-thumb as far as presentations go - if you feel
that the group needs some higher level of techincal guidance then by all
means, step up to the plate - but please don't belittle the people who
don't have 30+ years of experience in the field and are trying to learn
what they can.

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