[NCLUG] HVD scsi-2

Erich mojo_head at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 5 21:41:07 MDT 2002

Does anyone out there have an High Voltage Differential
(HVD) SCSI device (preferably mag tape) running under any
type of linux? (or free BSD?)

This would be a device requiring an Adaptec 2944 scsi card
(or the LSI version).  

I ask as I have two DLT7000 drives, one a single drive SCSI
Ultra-2 (LVD) that works great under RH7.3 and the other a
single drive with an ADIC autoloader 7 tape library that is
HVD, and will not write.  I am down to the drive or the
scsi flavor, and need help determining which is my problem.

Thanks - Erich

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