[NCLUG] Verisign are morons...

mike cullerton michaelc at cullerton.com
Tue Aug 6 16:30:09 MDT 2002

what is it exactly that you're trying to do at their site?

On Tuesday, August 6, 2002, at 03:19 PM, Michael Dwyer wrote:

> I just wanted to take this opportunity to reiterate how much Verisign 
> sucks, and to send a big Thank You out to the people who suggested 
> alternate registrars...
> Can the network admins in the group tell me what is wrong with this 
> message?  I'm not on crack, am I?  The original message came from their 
> WHOIS interface on their web page.  I attached a note and sent it to them.
>   They sent the final one back...  I swear, they're gonna send me into a 
> coronary...


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