[NCLUG] OT: The Cthulu Mythos

Mike Loseke mike at verinet.com
Wed Aug 14 12:50:42 MDT 2002

Thus spake Matt Clauson:
> Mike Loseke, especially for you...  But also for all you other Yahoos.
> http://www.logicalcreativity.com/jon/plush/01.html
> Be afraid.  Be very afraid.



 They have a plush Nyarlothotep that's supposed to be available in November
too! Woohoo!


 As both Cthulhu and Nyarlothotep are now in my machine closet, I shall
have to purchase one of each to keep them company and scare off lesser
plushies... or something... For those not getting Matt's reference, many of
my home machines are named from critters in the Cthulhu Mythos:


                  | If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port,
   Mike Loseke    | and the bus is interrupted as a very last resort,
 mike at verinet.com | and the address of the memory makes your fd0 abort,
                  | the socket packet pocket has an error to report.

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