[NCLUG] Mesa Networks (broadband)

Rich Young rich at ExperiencePlus.Com
Thu Aug 15 10:21:37 MDT 2002

Part of my ongoing saga of the search for affordable broadband in parts of
FC where DSL/cable are unavailable...

Mesa Networks advertises a residential-grade wireless service that is
supposedly comparable in both price ($44/mo) & performance (500/250k) to
DSL.  Problem is, they're not offering it in Fort Collins yet -- you can
only get their $125/mo. biz rate, and that's only if you're within 2.5 miles
and line-of-site to the top of Key Bank.  But Todd with Mesa tells me that
if I can get enough (>25, 50 optimum) people in my area, they'd be
interested in a repeater site and would break out the residential rate for
all concerned.  Soooo....

Anyone in the Poudre High/Vine Drive area need broadband, and have some
interest in this?  


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