[NCLUG] sftp for windows

dobbster dobbster at dobbster.com
Tue Aug 20 05:39:16 MDT 2002

"J. Paul Reed" wrote:
> On Tue, 20 Aug 2002, dobbster wrote:
> > Alas, same here.  I am not sure I even have a Windows machine running
> > in the house any more.
> The Windows machine in my house is thankfully confined to a VMware
> installation.
> > Unfortunately, my Putty users say it doesn't have sftp capabilities...  I
> > am not sure I believe them, but I might have to find a Windows machine
> > around here to try it myself.
> Putty does (or rather... the developer who maintains putty has released an
> sftp client based upon the SSH library stuff used by putty).
> You have to download psftp; there's also a pscp.
> Both are available on the putty download page.
> Later,
> Paul
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Aha, thanks!

Mark (dobbster at dobbster.com)

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