[NCLUG] sftp for windows

Michael Smith masmith at adams.net
Tue Aug 20 05:42:36 MDT 2002

> Could anyone suggest a windows client for OpenSSH?  I am ideally
> looking for something very simple and user-friendly; some of my users
> can barely use GUI-based FTP clients.
> Thanks,
> Mark (dobbster at dobbster.com)

We use a number of the products from Van Dyke in our office which are very
well supported.  We especially like their CRT and SecureCRT products which
have the ability to save and share profiles for numerous hosts which is very
helpful when you have nearly 200 routers to administer. They also have an
sftp client.


We've not been hesistant about paying their reasonable licensing costs given
the value we've received from their use.

Hope this helps.


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