[NCLUG] Database program deployment question

Rich Young rich at republicoftech.com
Thu Oct 3 10:55:43 MDT 2002

The obvious (easiest, not fastest) answer is to use that browser-based client 
and HTTPS, right?  The setup all takes place here, where you can control it, 
and all you need to be sure of is that they have the right browser.

What is the non-browser-based client app written in?  If it's a popular 
open-source language like perl or python, you might be able to pass the 
traffic through a gpg-like module on each end of the connection.  Or you 
could just use VPN connections and leave it as-is.  

Oh, and I found this on Google:
Looks relevant, I'd say.

I can't really address performance issues except to suggest that you consider 
MySQL with one of the add-on packages that introduce transaction support.

Hope this helps,

On Thursday 03 October 2002 09:26, you wrote:
> Hi, guys.  I have a question about  database application deployment,
> and I would like to know  your opinions.
> I  have a  Windows database application that I'moving to a
> client-server design, where the database server is going to be
> Postgresql in a Linux box.  The client application is going to be
> still Windows based but also I want to have the posibility to have a
> browser-based client (maybe using PHP or JSP to query the database). I
> want to expose the database server to the Internet using a DSL
> connection so windows/web clients installed in computers in different
> cities  that are connected via DSL or modem to the Internet  can
> access the database server in real time to do transactions.
> Each city office has a Linux server acting as Internet
> firewall/gateway.
> Could you recommend the best and easiest way to have a secure
> (encrypted?) and fast response connection  between the clients and the
> Postgres database server?
> Thanks,
> Juan C.
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