[NCLUG] copying audio cds

James DeWitt jdewitt at verinet.com
Mon Oct 7 11:22:19 MDT 2002


grip is a good gui front-end for cdparanoia for creating .wav files 
from CD tracks.  Try http://freshrpms.net/  if you need a .rpm of it.

I don't have any really good faqs, but I've archived some old tapes 
to CD recently.  I've used audacity and cdrdao. Audacity is a simple 
audio recorder/editor that will produce several formats including .wav 
files.  cdrdao writes audio CDs defined in a toc file. 


On Monday 07 October 2002 09:35 am, William Dan Terry wrote:
> I've been through the burning howto and the cdr faq, but am missing a
> few pieces. I'm wondering if I can do a rip with cdparanoia in raw
> format (but little endian or big endian?) into a single output file and
> then burn the file as is. I've only burned cds with data in ISO9660. Or
> do I just need to rip the cd to wav files and the burn the wav files as
> dao. Anyway, if anyone has good sources of instructions they can point
> me to, I'd greatly appreciate it as I'm either missing something or need
> other sources of info to have a clear idea of what I need to do from the
> burning howto and the cdr faq (which is M$ oriented in it's mentioning
> sw). I've had one project to duplicate cds of a recording of my
> grandfather's stories I made 25 years ago sitting on my plate for a long
> time. Once I get cd to cd then I'm going to learn how to get some of my
> vinyl and cassette music onto cds.
> Anyway, I'd appreciate pointers to any good howtos or faqs or other
> docs.
> Peace, William
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