[NCLUG] pictorial directory

dherr at frii.com dherr at frii.com
Wed Oct 9 14:25:33 MDT 2002

Right now I'm using IDS to display photos of past group events on the web.
I'd like to expand the information to include a pictorial directory of group
members.  In order to protect personal information, I'd like to set up
individual usernames and passwords for people to "login" to be able to view
the directory.  I believe IDS can only handle a single password for everyone,
not an individual one for each user.

What's a relatively easy way to set up a username/password protected
photo directory for a webserver?  Any canned solutions like IDS?  I don't
have any experience setting up a true database, but eventually that might be
necessary.  Does anyone have know of any tutorials or examples that are
similar to my scenario?

Daniel Herrington (dherr at frii.com)

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