[NCLUG] Stamping out clear-text passwords (was Re: webhosting question)

crucial crucial at elm.he.net
Wed Oct 16 09:04:38 MDT 2002

<embarassed admission>I've been using ssh & sftp exclusively for a while
now, quite smugly, and never even thought of the authentication step in
POP3.</embarassed admission>

So, how does one tunnel POP3 through ssh?  And what about on
Windows/MSOutlook, do I have *any* secure options there?  


On 15 Oct 2002, Chris Riddoch wrote:
> I'd like to take this moment to mention that Peak to Peak only allows
> you to use FTP to upload pages to your web space, and only provides
> POP3 for pulling down email from their server, both of which send your
> passwords in the clear.

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