[NCLUG] apache .htaccess question...

JONES,LUKE (HP-Greeley,ex1) luke_jones at hp.com
Thu Oct 17 11:40:41 MDT 2002

The other day Paul Reed pointed some people at documents describing how to
use .htaccess authorization in a directory.

I tried that on a stock KRUD 10/02 system and it didn't work. Specifically,
I put a .htaccess file in a directory that I had no trouble accessing via a
web browser. I don't mean that it authenticated me, but that it didn't even
try. Didn't work when I tried it using groups, either. Not a hint of trouble
when I looked at the apache access and error logs.

The documents he pointed people at were actually for the NCSA web server, so
I went to apache.org and read the docs there too, and they're almost exactly
the same as the NCSA web server, so I don't think the problem is the

Here's what my file said.

	AuthUserFile .htpasswd
	AuthGroupFile .htgroup
	AuthName "Luke's Protected Directory"
	AuthType Basic
	require user fred

I skimmed through the httpd.conf file and couldn't figure out any reason why
this wouldn't work.

So what am I missing?

Luke Jones
Network Storage Solutions
Nearline Storage Sustaining Engineering
phone: 970-898-8130
luke.jones at hp.com

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