[NCLUG] Colorado Springs IT Samaritans Branch inaugural meeting!

Michael J. Mikelson mjmikelson at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 19 12:23:23 MDT 2002

IT Samaritans, 
As promised, here's the info on our first branch affiliate meeting!  A
great round of applause to Richard Byrd for taking on this task!  Also,
here's my opportunity to offload emails to him; so when you reply make
sure you reply to Richard!!!!!!
Michael J. Mikelson
Founder, IT Samaritans
Denver CO
MJMikelson at yahoo.com
Announcing the formation of a Colorado Springs chapter!!! 

WHEN:     October 23 at 6:30 PM 
WHERE:    Pike's Perk Downtown 
                  14 South Tejon 
                  Colorado Springs 

The meeting room is upstairs so grab a mocha latte and head on up. 

Our agenda: 

*	Introduction - Mike Mikelson, Founder 

*	History of IT Samaritans 

*	Goals (networking) 

*	Marketing (finding opportunities) 

*	Assignments 

*	Tasks to be done 

*	Question & Answer session 

*	Close 

*	Schedule 

*	Next meeting 

Of course we'll be hanging around afterwards in case you have more
questions, ideas, suggestions. 

We look forward to seeing you there. 

Richard Byrd 

rabyrd at wbotechassist.com
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