[NCLUG] Finally: an on-topic topic...

Marcio Luis Teixeira marciot at holly.colostate.edu
Sun Oct 27 04:31:54 MST 2002

I keep getting annoying e-mails like this one:

> Hi. I have the ASTRA 1220U. It used to work with my old computer under 
> Windows 98 system operative. So far, I got tire to tray it work properly
> over windows Me. If you got a solution without have to paid for a new 
> driver, please let me now.

People obviously come to my sourceforge page about my UMAX 1220U driver for 
Linux and then assume I can help them with get it set up on their Windows 
box. My reply is usually along the lines of "that's easy, install Linux," but 
I would like to point them to a page where they can find more information. 
Ideally, the web page ought have a button where if they click it, it will 
erase their Windows partition and install Linux for them. These people would 
be too stupid to tell that something happened and I'm sure they would go on 
using Linux as if nothing had happened and brag to their friends about how 
much more stable their computer became after installing the new "Windows 
upgrade" from such and such site -- I imagine that within hours Microsoft's 
market share would dwindle to zero.

So, these people are obviously clueless and what I really need is a good 
"Linux for Dummies" page. I've thought of "www.linux-mandrake.com" or even 
"www.lindows.com." Any thoughts on which might be better? (please don't say 
"www.debian.org" Seriously, Debian ain't for stupid people)

Marcio Luis Teixeira

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