[NCLUG] Routing confusion

Michael Dwyer mdwyer at sixthdimension.com
Tue Oct 29 09:40:24 MST 2002

dobbster wrote:
> It all started when I acquired a nifty RH348 NetGear external ISDN
> router (Thanks, Sean!) and attempted to configure it.  I didn't know
> the password, so I had to download a flash upgrade to the thing.
> The router required XMODEM to receive the upgrade.  For some reason,
> minicom kept failing.  I eventually and reluctantly tried it with
> hyperterm and it worked (any idea why this would be?)

Well, on their old modem routers at least, they expected the first sync 
character within bare seconds. The selection process in Minicom takes 
too long.  It isn't much better in Seyon, either, but there at least you 
can make a button that already includes the filename and path, so with a 
little tweaking, you can get it to work.

PS: From the way these messages queued up in my inbox, I suspect some of 
you might not have your clocks set right...

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