[NCLUG] Fwd: Howto partition a drive from a script???

Christopher C.J. Keist cjay at engr.colostate.edu
Thu Oct 31 15:27:27 MST 2002

Sorry, last sentence should be "without user input".

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> From: Christopher "C.J." Keist <cjay at engr.colostate.edu>
> Date: Thu Oct 31, 2002  03:20:03  PM US/Mountain
> To: nclug at nclug.org
> Subject: Howto partition a drive from a script???
> Wanted to see if anyone knows of a way to partition a hard drive (or my 
> case a RW maginto-optical disk) from a perl script.  I only know of the 
> manual way using fdisk.  I tried "parted" but it only works with sector 
> size of 512 bytes, my optical disks are 2048.
> I have two HP 1200EX SureStore optical juke boxes, each contains 238 
> 5.2GB optical disks and 10 optical drives.  I want to write a perl 
> script that will load each platter and create a singe partition of typ 
> "fd".
> I'm using mtx to control the juke box, but need a way to partition the 
> drives with user input.
> Thanks...
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