[NCLUG] Trolling was: "red hat - the new redmond?" comment from mainstream online media

John L. Bass jbass at dmsd.com
Sat Sep 7 20:27:32 MDT 2002

	On Saturday 07 September 2002 18:09, John L. Bass wrote:
	> We do not consider the changes in open source products made by RedHat,

	Please don't claim to speak for all. 

	There is no community consensus on this. Linux\FreeSoftware is bigger than RH. 
	The spirit of the GPL is as important as the letter.

	<raving & ranting snipped>


When it comes to allowing the KDE team to corrupt the GPL with extra ordinary
"artistic" control to prevail over RH, there is clear consensus - NO. Does
everyone agree with either team - NO. Reread your citation:


Your one quote is just about the only support in the thread. And the e-zine
is hardly part of the RH publics relations machine supressing other views.

Do we allow you to speak with the same assertions of being correct as you may
in other forums, and slander those of "US" with other views as being RH apologists
and myopic - NO!

You made some very insulting claims about RH supporters motives and knowledge
of the issues in this forum. You insult the very spirt of the GPL with calls
for strict author censorship rights of GPL products. You insult RedHat with no
other basis than their sucess. I still ask that you back those claims up rather than
continue to insult those contributing rebuttals to the topic as "raving & ranting".

This entire sleazy "event" by the KDE camp is the most damming excuse for KDE
support I have seen in a long time. Starting with the KDE camp using a mole
to gain access to private communications inside RedHat, and then post those
private communications on the internet with clear and deliberate intentions
to discredit RH and force their capitulation to their unreasonable demands.
That goes beyound every expectation of personal privacy, in direct violation
of netetiquhhhhhhhhhhhh
I have long preferred KDE over GNOME, but if the KDE camp is this unethical,
including it't supporters like you slandering RedHat and it's supporters,
one has to question why we don't just start a movement to kick KDE into obscurity.

Either back up your bogus claims, or crawl back into your sleazy hole, and let the
GPL survive this event with the respect it deserves in changing the open source

Have fun,

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