[NCLUG] Trolling was: "red hat - the new redmond?" comment from mainstream online media

Mark Fassler fassler at monkeysoft.net
Sun Sep 8 02:10:42 MDT 2002

On Sat, Sep 07, 2002 at 05:18:32PM -0600, Idris S Hamid wrote:
> On Saturday 07 September 2002 15:26, Mark Fassler wrote:
> >   With Linux and the GPL, you have FREEDOM.
> >   You.  Can.  Use.  A.  Different.  Distribution.  Or.  Window.  Manager.
> >   You have the freedom to do so.
> NOT my point. U and others r changing the subject. I already conceded the 
> point about the GPL in my first mail. The point was that the GPL paradigm per 
> se does NOT prevent market abuse or leveraging. I did not claim that RH is 
> doing anything illegal; just using the rules of the game to unfairly push its 
> own agenda. They have the right to do so; I have the right to stay as far 
> clear of them as I can.

I wasn't changing the subjet; however, I didn't make the connection 
explicitly clear:  If the users have freedom, and competitors have 
freedom, then RedHat isn't "leveraging" the market.  Actually, I'm not 
entirely clear what "leveraging" means in this sense... but whatever 
RedHat is doing, it doesn't hurt the end-user or the market since 
everyone still has the freedom to do what they want.  Contrast this to 
Microsoft, where they limit choices and hurt the consumer to benifit 

If I'm vested in Windows applications, and I decide that Microsoft is 
screwing me over, I don't have a lot of options to chose a different 
vendor.  With RedHat, I still have that freedom, and I don't see them 
doing anything to restrict that freedom.  

Just because RedHat is successful doesn't mean that end-users get hurt.  
We still have freedom to choose other options.  

> The general myopia that sees objective criticism of RH is "trolling" is sad. 
> We should be able to have a spirited discussion/disagreement without throwing 
> the "troll" word around. 

I still get the sense that you're bashing RedHat because they are a 
convenient target to make a stink about.  

In retrospect, I think my changing the subject line to "trolling" was in 
poor taste if only because it poisons the well (however slightly) in this 
whole discussion.  

Mark Fassler

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