[NCLUG] Trolling was: "red hat - the new redmond?" comment from mainstream online media

John L. Bass jbass at dmsd.com
Sun Sep 8 02:32:49 MDT 2002

	In retrospect, I think my changing the subject line to "trolling" was in 
	poor taste if only because it poisons the well (however slightly) in this 
	whole discussion.  

	Mark Fassler

The well was irrevokably poluted by Mr Hamid's unabashed arrogance
to declare his detractors as unable to "see a spade for a spade" and
declare RedHat's actions "Pure hypocrisy." attempting deflect the
blame from the KDE's teams ethical attacks on RedHat and arrogant
defiance of the true spirt of GPL - the Freedom to make changes and
distribute them.

Respect is earned, and Mr. Habid's arrogant disregard for the basic
rights under GPL, and flagrant character assasination of his opponents
leaves little room to earn the respect of those who hold another view.

A fundamental requirement of freedom, is that we must respect and fight
to protect everyone's rights to freedom. Once we allow anyone to chip
away at another's right to freedom, it is not long until the arrogant
and greedy will be chipping away at our own rights too. In this case,
we have a very arrogant KDE team, and Mr hamid, claiming that the KDE
team has additional rights which clearly attempt to abridge RedHat's
GPL, and other open source distributors, right's to make changes as
they see fit and distribute them.

The argument is clear, it is not a loop hole as the arrogant attempting
to start the dismantling of GPL would like to claim. It is everyone's
right under GPL to make changes and distribute them as they please.
The only "Pure hypocrisy." in this, is that of the KDE team, and Mr Hamid
for claiming GPL rights and attempting to void others GPL rights in the
same breath..

John Bass

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