[NCLUG] Linux DTP?

Mark Fassler fassler at monkeysoft.net
Tue Sep 10 16:17:04 MDT 2002

I use Kile, which is a wonderful, wonderful KDE3 front-end to LaTeX.  LyX 
is also a front-end to LaTeX (I don't like LyX because it tries to hide 
the LaTeX from you... it pretends to be a word-processor... but that's 
just me).  

LaTeX is good for writing scientific papers or journal articles, things 
like that.  I find that it's generally a pain to do non-journal-type 
stuff with it.  (There may be packages to make it do other things more 
easily, but I don't know anything about them.)

LaTeX isn't as easy as Word, but then, hey -- In life, you get out what 
you put in:  I've never seen a (scientific or journal) paper written in 
Word that has even *remotely* the beauty of a (scientific or journal) 
paper written in LaTeX.  

If you're used to Pagemaker and you're looking for something to make, say, 
flyers or advertisements or something, then LaTeX is probably not what 
you're looking for.  


On Tue, Sep 10, 2002 at 04:09:08PM -0600, Rich Young wrote:
> Hey, I'm looking at destop publiching packages, and a little web searching 
> seems to point towards either Scribus or Lyx.  Anyone have any 
> experience/advice on either, or other alternatives?  
> FWIW, I don't know TeX/LaTeX, nor am I an experienced Pagemaker or Quark 
> user.  But I'm relatively smart and capable of learning ;^)
> --Rich Young
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