[NCLUG] Redhat 7.3 post install issues

Dave Treece davet at frii.com
Mon Sep 23 19:47:41 MDT 2002

Hay Y'all,

   I just installed Redhat 7.3. Maybe I'm being dense but....

 It seems that the default behavior on the KDE/Gnome window manager that cut
paste is no
longer just mouse events. That is, Mouse btn 1 cut's but then I get a menu
with a paste
option when I want to paste. I want the behavior I'm used to, btn1 cut,
middle button
paste (or both 1 & 2 together). Where or where do I get that behavior back!
Is that
in the XF86 setup file?

 Also, I like the Esc-Esc command completion where did that go and how do I
re-enable it?
What the heck did Redhat do? I'm glad I didn't update my RH7.1 router/hub

  Please point me in the right direction...I'm tired of scouring files!

 Thanks in advance.

  Dave Treece
  davet at frii.com

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