[NCLUG] looking for input on getting and sending email

William Dan Terry william.terry at knotworks.com
Thu Sep 26 14:41:29 MDT 2002

I've got a qmail/vpopmail set-up on a server. I just upgraded to
vpopmail 5.2.1. I use sylpheed on a notebook. I having roaming set up on
vpopmail. I want to not send my password in the clear. Currently I use
fetchmail tunneled through ssh to get my mail, but due to the way
roaming works on vpopmail, I can't send via this server (unless I do a
normal, direct POP retrieval from my MUA). I looked at the RFC for POP3
AUTH (APOP). I tried a connection via APOP from Sylpheed to vpopmail,
but got the following:

Connecting to POP3 server: macaw.knotworks.com ...
POP3< +OK <12861.1033073856 at habanero.todinefor.com>
POP3> APOP william.terry at knotworks.com 3e6721e944e02bfe73ca524960195c37
POP3< -ERR authorization failed
*** error occurred on authentication

I don't care about solving it any particular way. I just want to keep
the MTA and MUA I'm using and not send the passwd in the clear and send
email out via the MTA. Any thoughts?

Peace, William

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