[NCLUG] redhat 8.0 issues

dherr at frii.com dherr at frii.com
Tue Jan 7 16:29:25 MST 2003

I've successfully installed redhat 8.0 on a clean drive.
I'm using the BlueCurve window manager, which shows the little
red round button with an exclamation mark in the taskbar.  I
can't seem to get rid of this button permanently.  When I
click on "Remove from panel" in the Redhat Network Alert
Notification Tool pop-up, it goes away, but then it comes
back the next time I log in.  Any ideas?

Second, I bought a new hard drive, used "rsync -av ..." to
copy everything over, then reinstalled grub on the new disk.
With the new drive, it comes up to a "grub>" prompt, at which
I have to type "configfile (hd0,0)/grub.conf" to get it to
continue.  How can I make it automatically use my config file?

Third, I keep getting emails to root from tripwire telling me
that lots of files in /var don't exist.  How can I stop these
emails?  Do I really need tripwire running, or should I
eliminate it altogether?  If so, how's the best way to remove it?

Thanks in advance,
Daniel (dherr at frii.com)

By the way, I got a real steal on the new HD:  Over Christmas,
Fry's had a WD 160GB 8MB cache 7200rpm drive in retail box with
free Promise Ultra100 TX2 controller card included for $119 after
rebate.  I just happened to be in a city with a Fry's during
Christmas.  (Of course, now I have to wait the 6-8 weeks for the
rebates to come back... I guess that's the down side.)

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