[NCLUG] hi

John L. Bass jbass at dmsd.com
Tue Jan 7 20:09:45 MST 2003

Your project sounds like a blast too, and not that different in some
ways from our current project or the home super-computer I am building.

The homebrew list is homebrew at dmsd.com and everyone in the area
that can attend our meetings is welcome to join the fun. Our first
project is a variation of the XCV800 Ogg-on-a-Chip project found
at http://sourceforge.net/projects/oggonachip/

We have choosen a subset to the original project board to re-layout
in PC104 form factor and fab using recycled parts to hold the
costs down well under $100 a board. And provides a great launching
place to learn HDL's and board fabrication.

I have most of the resources in my personal lab/shop for prototype
PCB assembly and test ... stencil printers, reflow ovens, SMT
pick and place machines, and scopes/logic/signal analyzers - plus
a wealth of resources for recycled parts.

Our next meeting is next sunday - drop me a note for directions.

have fun,

david powell <david at whipy.demon.co.uk> writes:

> how do you get into the homebrew computer group
> i have been interested in computer hardware since 1980
> and have a good project idea based on  the xilinx vertex pro fpga
> i have been doing some work on it but its too big a project for me to do alone
> and i still have to learn fpga programing
> the design should provide the performance of existing pcs using 2 of the 4
> processor fpga chips  per card would give it around 3.2G ips
> the cards can be stacked to increase the power =20
> with a linux port beeing avalable as an opperating system for it it just
> remains for the hardware to be developed
> David
> all i can ask is , is there any one else that would like to have a go at it
> also

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