[NCLUG] suggestions for tape library control?

Andrew Patterson andrew at fc.hp.com
Mon Jan 13 17:26:20 MST 2003

On Mon, 2003-01-13 at 17:14, robiel wrote:
> I have an Exabyte VXA 1x7 SCSI tape library that I would like to use
> under Redhat 7.3.  Can anyone make any recommendations for drivers as
> well as backup software to use with this? I have the SCSI media changer
> driver from http://bytesex.org/changer.html and am looking at Amanda,
> but would like to hear what some others are using.  Thanks, Robie

As far as backup software goes, Amanda is free and cross-platform.  It,
however is kind of a pain to configure and doesn't currently allow
backup sessions to cross tapes. It you can deal with these two
limitations, it works pretty well.  You can even backup windows boxes
from your unix backup server.  

I have had good success with Adaptec SCSI cards on HP tape drives (DLT
and LTO's).  I don't know how well they would do on Exabyte drives.


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