[NCLUG] need latest linux distribution for fresh install

Joshua SS Miller joshua at fitsnips.net
Tue Jan 14 07:38:05 MST 2003

What kind of DSL modem do you have?  Interanl/external? 
USB/Firewire/Ethernet?  As for disks sorry but I live closer to Denver.

Thank you,

Joshua SS Miller

On Tue, 2003-01-14 at 23:46, Deklan Dieterly wrote:
> hi folks-
> i would like to reinstall linux on my pc.  i currently have redhat 7.?
> running and would like to reinstall to the latest and greatest.  does
> anyone out there have a set of install disks that i can borrow?
> also, i'd like to get linux to use my dsl line.  is there somebody out there
> who can help me with that?  i've tried to use my 56k us robotics modem, but
> the connect speeds are terrible.
> thx.
> -dek
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