[NCLUG] suggestions for tape library control?

Mike Loseke mike at verinet.com
Wed Jan 15 08:53:10 MST 2003

Thus spake John L. Bass:
> The primary commerical/enterprise solutions are:
> 	Veritas Netbackup
> 	Legato Networker
> A little pricey for individuals, but well worth the price for rock solid
> backups with history management for a distributed enterprise. Most of my
> larger clients over the last decade have used one or both.

 Just a note, we've used both of these here at work and are currently using
Veritas across 4 servers/libraries to backup 500+ machines (Solaris, Linux
and winders) and more than 7TB of data. Both *work* but in our experience
Veritas works better. Neither are anywhere near perfect.

> Lower end commercial/enterprise solutions are:
> 	ARCServe
> 	Ctar

  Add "BRU" to that list, I used them many years ago to do simple 10-tape
rotations on a single system and was pretty happy with it.

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