[NCLUG] apt-get questions

Brett Johnson brett at hp.com
Thu Jan 16 12:22:38 MST 2003

On Thu, 2003-01-16 at 12:06, Daniel Miles wrote:

> To start with, woody has been declared stable and it will never be
> updated again.

Not quite true.  The stable release is continually updated to contain
security and other bug fixes, but the major version numbers of the
packages generally stay stable (that's why it's the "stable" release ;o)

> The package versions
> *are* tied to Woody but in Sarge (the new "unstable" release) they
> change as the debian people test them enough to bring them out of the
> testing distribution (sid). I use Sarge and it works great for me, I
> don't think it deserves the title unstable.

That's backwards:

sarge == testing
sid == unstable

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