[NCLUG] Veritas Backup Exec/Netbackup question

Mike Loseke mike at verinet.com
Fri Jan 17 10:27:40 MST 2003

Thus spake Erich:
> I saw that some of you have experience with this.
> I have Backup exec running severl libraries on a win2k
> server.  I maintain a seperate library on RH8.0 for tar
> backup/restore.
> With the Veritas .tar plugin, can I write .tar format
> tapes, or only read them.  (I have need to write tar for
> clients occaisionally).

 There is some interoperability with netbackup and tar format - meaning
that sometimes the tapes written are tar readable and sometimes not
(multiplexed archives being among the latter). Zod knows what the winders
version does, our servers are all Solaris. Our libraries are used to backup
500+ clients every night so we, by necessity, multiplex nearly everything.
If we need to make a tape readable by tar we use a standalone drive and
command-line tar.

 I'd suggest checking the Veritas documentation on the .tar plugin to see
how it is best used for your situation, but more to the point I'd say use
the right tool for the job. If you need to provide tapes to clients that
can be read by tar, I'd create them using tar and not something else that
uses tar (with options it might not tell you about).

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