[NCLUG] Debian update-rc.d question

Marcio Luis Teixeira marciot at holly.colostate.edu
Sun Jan 19 15:14:53 MST 2003

Thanks for the clarification. The "-f" flag worked nicely :)

BTW, I've installed Debian on another machine this Friday. This time a G4 PPC 
using the straight Debian Woody distro rather than Libranet (which doesn't 
support PPC). I was able to apt-get the latest copy of Mac-On-Linux from the 
"testing" branch so I could boot Mac OS X in a Window on my KDE desktop. 
Practically worked out of the box. Way cool!

So, I guess Debian has yet another convert, now that I've gotten over my fear 
of the installer. But I hear there's progress on that end, so this will 
probably be a non-issue in future versions of Debian. Way to go!

Marcio Luis Teixeira

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