[NCLUG] Restore Help?

Rich Young rich at experienceplus.com
Mon Dec 26 10:25:33 MST 2005

Hey, everyone, happy holidays.

My home machine (KRUD FC3) recently suffered a mobo failure.  I rebuilt
with a new processor and mobo, and of course the old Linux install on
the hard drive won't boot because of the hardware change.  I thought I
might be able to install to a spare drive and then use a USB drive
enclosure to pull my data off the original drive, but the Logical Volume
setup on the original drive's default partition arrangement is
preventing me from reading any data off of it like that.

So I'm a little stuck - should I be using a rescue disc on the original
installation/original drive, or... what, exactly?

I've learned already that in the future, /home will be a separate
partition so that I can preserve it and reinstall over everything else,
if it comes to that.  I also need to cron my dump of /home to the spare
drive in the USB drive enclosure, so I'm not caught without a backup

Thanks in advance for your help.


I'm Rich Young, and I approved this message.

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