[NCLUG] New Projects

Michael Riversong mriversong at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 26 13:13:53 MST 2005

Not sure if you folks knew about this, but i lost that job at Noah Webster this past summer.  They still have me do some intermittent support for them, but the Linux part of that is over for now.

They gave me a number of machines that they didn't need any more.  I put them in a storage room, possibly for placement with needy families and ministries.

Last week a new center for homeless people opened up here in Cheyenne.  They have a room specifically designated as a computer classroom.  Already, two Linux machines have been moved over there.  I have about 16 more waiting to be moved, and am now waiting to hear from someone with a pickup truck who can help transport them from the storage room out to the new center (about 4 miles).

Within the next week, then, there should hopefully be a computer classroom for homeless people set up here in Cheyenne using several Linux machines.

Just figured you folks might want to know what's happening, as a little side project.

Michael Riversong

Cheyenne, Wyoming

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