[NCLUG] Confirmation outside CWX for ebay problem

John L. Bass jbass at dmsd.com
Tue Dec 27 19:04:44 MST 2005

	I had some incomplete pages, missing images, and no loads via Firefox on
	Linux, but no issues running mtr/links from the Linux box or the BSD shell.
	Most failures were on re-directions to other servers and sub-domains and at
	least one java load.  No problems noted with several searches from XP Pro
	box on IE, including spawning new windows on selected items.  There are a
	lot of combinations/permutations to test.

	Frank Whiteley

No kidding. I noticed on the first quick test that the server ignored the first
several sackOK connection packets, which with linux was a sure bet it wouldn't
connect. So I posted the first message that Win2K failed the connect. The interesting
part was it actually recovered, and didn't fail after that. IE and mozilla definately
have different failure recovery algorithms.

I will have to take a windows machine tonight/tomarrow and walk my class C with
it to really test. I will also take a 2.2 or 2.4 kernel, which has different
network stacks and do the same.

One thing about this thing being flakey, is that the time stamp bits change, making
every thing a moving target when suspecting something as trivial as a checksum/crc

I've hand validated several of the connection packets, and don't see anything wrong.


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