[NCLUG] GPRS Data Access: T-Mobile?

jeff jeff at themoes.org
Mon Jan 3 15:27:02 MST 2005

Marcio Luis Teixeira wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I've recently noticed that I'm spending too much on my
> prepaid wireless plan (see footnote [1]). I'm wanting
> to do take the leap to a full cellular service, but I
> want to be able to get the most bang for my buck and
> hopefully get some data access on the road without
> paying too much for it.
> My research has indicated that any modern GPRS phone
> can be connected to my laptop computer as a modem, so
> the trick is to find a good wireless carrier. Anyhow,
> seems like T-Mobile is the only one out there that has
> unlimited data access. And supposedly you can get web
> access for just $4.50/mo on a basic plan if you cheat
> a little (see footnote [2]).
> Anyhow, it seems to me like T-Mobile is the best plan
> for geeks on shoe-string budget. Does that seem like a
> fair evaluation, or have I missed anything? Has anyone
> here actually used a GPRS phone to get online from a
> laptop?

I use a Sony GC-82 with GNU/Linux and it works very well, just 
like a "regular" modem. Bandwidth is decent (~12k/sec 
downloads) but latency makes slogin a bit slow. Nothing is 
filtered, but ssh connections time out if they aren't used for 
a few minutes, which is a bit annoying. I use it with AT&T 
which offers "unlimited" bandwidth. I got it on Cellular 
Junction on College Av.




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