[NCLUG] GPRS Data Access: T-Mobile?

Bob Proulx bob at proulx.com
Tue Jan 4 00:33:34 MST 2005

jeff wrote:
> Ahh, nice. It appears that ProtocolKeepAlives is 
> Debian-specific. On Fedora & others, you can use 
> ServerAliveInterval.

Hmm...  Since I am using Debian I had not noticed. :-)

Looking at the older openssh-3.4 sources I find no mention of either
option.  But in the Debian patch for 3.4 in woody adds the
ProtocolKeepAlives option.  So it looks like it was originally
implemented as a Debian patch.  Later this shows up in openssh-3.8
sources as ServerAliveInterval.  The Debian patch for 3.8 says
ProtocolKeepAlives is documented as remaining for compatibility.

I will be changing my config files to use the new upstream
ServerAliveInterval option.  We can let ProtocolKeepAlives disappear
into the changelogs of history.


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