[NCLUG] January 11th NCLUG Meeting (Correction!)

Marcio Luis Teixeira marciot at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 5 07:24:04 MST 2005

OMG! This is *sooooo* awesome! I've been wanting to
learn about SuSE for so long. The laptop specific
features, like Bluetooth, are killer apps for me (I
love my Bluetooth mouse!). I am still waiting for a
Linux distribution that works right out of the box on
my Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop -- SuSE seems like a very
good contender. In the past I have used SuSE on a
PowerBook and it still is my favorite distro.

Does anyone know if there copies of Suse will be sold
at this meeting (fund raising opportunity for NCLUG?)
or if there will be any Suse LiveCDs to pick up?

> Presenter:  Jeff Fawcett from Novell
> Topic: The new Suse Linux Desktop and more.
> See you there!

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