[NCLUG] Wanted: DMT DSL Modem. Cisco 678?

Bob Proulx bob at proulx.com
Sat Jan 8 10:23:34 MST 2005

I have recently upgraded my Fort Collins Qwest DSL line from CAP to
DMT in order to take the speed to 1.5/1 Mbs down/up.  My old trusty
Cisco 675 only does CAP.  I borrowed a Cisco 678 from a friend.  But I
could not talk him into selling it to me.  He is planning on using it
himself again very soon.  This may not be a bad thing.  I fear this
particular modem may be flakey.  Periodically my connection gets into
a high packet loss state[1].  Is it the modem, the line, the ISP
equipment?  Not sure.  Sometimes reseting things helps.  Sometimes it
does not.  I need to replace the modem regardless so I am going to
work that angle first.  I am thinking the problem is the modem.

That puts me in the market for a DMT capable DSL modem.  The current
new ones are the ActionTec.  But I think I would prefer a Cisco 678
which unfortunately is no longer manufactured.  I need to start
looking on eBay to see what kinds of deals I can find.  But I would
prefer to find one in the Fort Collins and nearby area that I could
just drive to and pick up from someone.  If you happen to have one of
these that you would be willing to sell I would be interested in
talking to you.  I would prefer a Cisco 678 but may be interested in
the ActionTec so I can debug a routing problem I can't figure out with
the Cisco.  But that is another story.

Bob Proulx <bob at proulx.com>

[1] If the page is not dead due to packet loss you can see the
real time loss of my system.
Since the above hopefully will be resolved soon, here are two
particularly bad days just so you can see the trouble I am having.

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