[NCLUG] Broadband ISP options in Fort Collins

Brian Weaver brian at fcu.com
Mon Jan 17 00:36:08 MST 2005

Michael Milligan <milli at acmeps.com> [2005-01-17 00:29:54 -0700]:
> Stephen Warren wrote:
> >Hi.
> >
> >I'm moving next month and hence looking at ISP options. I need a 
> >connection that allows me to run my own server, and gives at least one 
> >static IP address. 1500 down/500 up would be OK. I'm currently on Mesa 
> >Networks wireless and would stick with them, but I believe I'm moving 
> >outside their service area:-(
> >
> >Right now, I'm looking at "Slashdot Broadband" (rebadged Speakeasy DSL) 
> >but it's a little expensive at $80/mo + taxes/fees!
> >
> >Anyone have any good experiences to share? Thanks!
> If you're within Qwest DSL service area, I can highly recommend 
> Forethought.net.  I have the 1.5 down / 768 up service ($28/mon from 
> Qwest), and Forethought for IP service at $25/mon.  Unlimited data, 
> static IP, subnets available too (extra/month).

You can do the Qwest.net Internet basic for only $10.00 a month. That
is of course on top of the $28 a month for the DSL line. Basic means
you get an IP address and thats it, no email boxes, web storage, any
of that. It was perfect for me, when all the local DSL ISPs I looked
at wanted $20-$25/month, and I all care about is that I have an IP

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