[NCLUG] Broadband ISP options in Fort Collins

Stephen Queen svq at peakpeak.com
Mon Jan 17 19:35:59 MST 2005

> Things that an ISP provide are the infrastructure to enable internet
> operations.  You get a mail box on their system.  You get DHCP to your
> computer with DNS name resolution.  PPP.  You get spam filtering on
> email.  You get web pages upon which you can place content.  You get a
> firewall to protect you from the hostile 'net.  Many things.  I am
> probably missing a few and have added a few that some don't enable.
> If you only have an IP address then you get none of the above.  You
> only get a cord to the Internet.  That by itself is insufficient for
> the above.  But the long time Internet user can provide their own
> infrastructure.  GNU/Linux and *BSD are both platforms of choice for
> the small operator.  Run a DNS master.  Find someone on a different
> network to be your DNS slave.  Register with the top level .com (or
> other) nameservers.  Set up your own MX records for mail.  Set up your
> own mail transfer agent to receive mail.  Set up your own spam and
> virus filtering to process the mail.  Set up your own web server for
> publishing web content.  Attach to public NTP servers for time.  Try
> to save the world, one internet packet at a time.
> In effect, you are complete master for your domain.  However that also
> means debugging all problems yourself.  No one to escalate the problem
> to as you are the senior admin and tech support, chief cook and bottle
> washer.  Note my DSL problems for an example.  But you learn much and
> gain much experience.  You are only a good candidate for this if you
> can't be talked out of it regardless of the problems.
Thanks for the clarification. I think I will investigate
this a little more. Sounds fun.

Stephen Queen

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