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> > > I have the 1.5 down / 768 up service ($28/mon from
> >  > Qwest),
> >  > ...
> >
> > Does DSL uniformly get these speeds around Fort Collins?  When DSL
> > first came out I couldn't get it because my house was too far from the
> > central office.  Now, they say it's fine but I'm wondering if I'll get
> > the full bandwidth, or even most of it.  I have a cable modem now but
> > would like to go to the qwest basic internet and save some money
> > because all I use is the internet connection and not the web/email
> > service.
> >
> About 95 percent of loops qualify for the 1.5 service.  I get 896k up on
> and 1024k up on the other in my SOHO.
When a lot of phone wire bundles were pulled in the '70's the PUC mandated
bridge taps along utilities right-of-ways so that new
construction/developements could immediately have dial tone.  2200ft of
bridge taps are the upper limit on a wire run for qualifying DSL pairs.
Qwest techs have been removing extraneous bridge taps (and loading coils) in
several areas along the Front Range when they had discretionary time.
Furthermore, Qwest relaxed the dB loss limits, so previously failed loops
now qualify.  This is in addtion to deployment of remote terminals, which
Qwest abandoned during CY-2003 due to budgetary constraints, but have been
appearing pretty regularly in the past year.

Frank Whiteley

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