[NCLUG] Broadband ISP options in Fort Collins

Brian Weaver brian at fcu.com
Tue Jan 18 11:05:24 MST 2005

Steve Chadsey <tyr at teiresias.net> [2005-01-18 10:51:51 -0700]:
> > month if I remember correctly.
> How interesting!  I did some poking around and found this:
> http://www.qwest.net/nav4/solutions/internet/bbb.html (for anyone else
> who was unaware of this service).
> I too only need an IP and a 'net connection, so this would potentially
> save me $10/mo. on my Forethought.net charge.  However, I would want to
> know a few details before I switch.  First, are there any restrictions
> on running servers, or if not, are there any restrictions on inbound
> connections?  E.g., can I run a service on some nonstandard port and
> be able to connect to it from somewhere else on the 'net?  Secondly,
> Forethought.net advertises that they impose no download limits (which I
> can vouch for ever since I discovered bittorrent :), so I would want to
> know that the Qwest service also has no transfer limits.

Qwest has no restrictions on running servers, and no download limits
that I've heard about.

I have one static IP, I can control the reverse DNS for this IP
through their web page, and currently run SMTP, DNS, SSH, and HTTP

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